The Story of Pines

Director/Co-Producer: Musa Brooker

Production: Participant Media/Marsupial Productions & Platypus Pictureworks
Producers: Marci Levine, Ron Senkowski, Derek Doneen, Angel Lopez
Executive Producers: Jeff Skool, Jim Berk
Based on a Story by Alison Sudol
Adapted by Alison Sudol, Musa Brooker & Max Winston
Music: A Fine Frenzy
Production Manager: Karen Knighton
Art Director: Nancy Parczyk
Design and Fabrication: Nancy Parczyk, Karen Knighton
Editors: Karen Knighton, Max Winston, Musa Brooker
Storyboards: Max Winston, Yaoyao Ma Van As
Cinematography Consultant: Eric Adkins
Animators: Liz Harvatine, Matthew Manning, Pete Levin, Musa Brooker
VFX/Compositing: Richard Van As, Elyse Kelly
Music Mixer: Greg Koller
Sound Design & Re-recording: Nathan Ruyle
Color Correction: Lit Post