My Little Pony - 'Rarity, The Queen of Fashion'

Co-Producer/Supervising Director: Musa Brooker

Client: Hasbro
Director: Melissa Goodwin-Shepherd
Production: Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
Line Producer: Barb Cimity
Associate Producer: Marshell Golde
Production Manager: Derek Cohen-Copeland
Writer: Amanda Sitko
Editor: Rick Menze
Production Design: Gregory Sesma, John Sumner
Art Direction: John Sumner
Set Dresser: Anuardi Jose
Storyboards: Jian Giannini
Editor: Rick Menze
Cinematography: Andrew Malek
Animators: Melissa Goodwin-Shepherd, Lindsay Berkebile
Lead VFX Artist: MIke Spitzmiller
Sound Design/Mix: BoomBox Post
Color Correction: Roundabout